The Graduate Certificate in Arts and Health Program, offered through the M.A. in Arts Leadership Program, is an exclusive 9-credit, non-degree synchronous online program at the University of Houston. The program combines the fine and performing arts into the areas of health, healthcare and well-being.

During this synchronous online program, students will have the opportunity to meet with their instructors and peers in each of their classes for a one-week in-person portion of the course. Students will engage in field trips and visit with working professionals in the field in the city of Houston.

Undertaking this Graduate Certificate in Arts and Health is:
– an opportunity for specialization in the emerging professional field of arts and health
– an opportunity for advanced training in a specialized topic area which may not be covered in detail in any of our existing degree programs at UH
– an opportunity for continuing professional education
– a distinction on your graduate degree transcript

The program is open to both current and prospective University of Houston graduate students. Current University of Houston graduate students must have completed a minimum of 9 graduate credit hours with a minimum GPA of 3.0 in a related field which can include (but is not limited to) art, art history, arts leadership, architecture, anthropology, education, history, health sciences, liberal arts and social sciences, medicine and nursing.

The classes are all offered in a synchronous online learning platform that offers busy working professionals distance education that combines real-time engagement with on-demand access.

Please review the technology requirements at the following link to ensure that you will have a successful online learning experience with this Certificate:

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