NOAH Essentials of Arts in Health

NOAH has launched a new professional development opportunity: the NOAH Essentials of Arts in Health. This certificate of completion is designed to demonstrate a person’s foundational competency in the arts in health field. This certificate is intended for artists and administrators who are using the arts to support health and well-being outcomes in healthcare and community settings.


The National Organization for Arts in Health gratefully acknowledges financial support from the following entities has led to this significant professional development opportunity:

Westreich Foundation

Houston Methodist Hospital’s Center for Performing Arts Medicine

University of Houston College of the Arts


Test fee: $275

The first 100 NOAH members who register get 15% off the Essentials for Arts in Health test AND 15% off the Core Curriculum for Arts in Health Professionals

Paperback: $100
Hardcover: $150

The NOAH Essentials of Arts in Health Certificate designates an individual as having successfully completed a rigorous online test on the Core Curriculum for Arts in Health Professionals book publication.

Any high school graduate over the age of 18 is eligible to take this online, asynchronous test. The English-language test is available to anyone, anywhere, at scheduled times. The online test is administered by Assessment Systems Corporation (ASC), and the test is proctored. Those who successfully pass the test receive a certificate of completion from NOAH.

This digital certificate provides employers with documentation that you demonstrated your understanding of a comprehensive body of knowledge (that is, the entire Core Curriculum for Arts in Health Professionals). This certificate does not assess your artistic skill or substitute for formal education or other professional certification in the arts in health field. The NOAH Essentials of Arts in Health self-study opportunity and certificate of completion are expected to serve as an inclusive and accessible “on ramp” to the growing arts in health field, nationally and internationally. Future educational materials and professional credentials to be created by NOAH will continue to professionalize the field.

Established arts in health professionals and people who have already completed a rigorous program of study (either in an academic institution or through a professional development program) are encouraged to broaden and demonstrate their knowledge of the field by taking the test. Those who are new to the field may wish to wait for additional introductory educational materials (textbooks and trainings) that NOAH will be creating in the next few years.


If you need accommodations or additional support to take the Essentials of Arts in Health test, please contact [email protected].