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Houston Methodist’s Center for Performing Arts Medicine embraces the broadest potential of an arts and medicine relationship. The Center supports world class specialized health care and wellness education of the highest quality for performing and visual artists; the integration of the fine arts into the hospital environment through over 100 performances a year as part of the Margaret Alkek Williams Crain Garden Performances Series, a CPAM Hospital TV channel, Visual Art exhibits, and Music in Practice patient tours; and collaborative research and clinical Music Therapy divisions that seek to harness the broadest potential of the arts in therapy, rehabilitation and human performance.

CPAM was recently honored by the Americans for the Arts as a BCA 10 honoree for 2017, a recognition of businesses supporting to the arts in their communities. CPAM has contributed to a wide range of publications and studies in the field of arts, education, and medicine ranging from music therapy for special needs children, to unique music listening applications in stroke and traumatic brain injury recovery, to the relationship of music theory and history of pipe organ construction to the resultant vibrations and resonating harmony of a continuous flow dual pump total artificial heart.

CPAM is proud to have sponsored the September 2017 publication of the white paper, “Arts, Health and Well-being in America” and the October 2018 publication “Addressing the Future of Arts in Health in America.”


The Westreich Foundation is an initiative based private family foundation committed to creating partnerships, collaborations and consortiums.

Connecting people to people and people to causes where like minds can move mountains,

Collaborating to bring nonprofits and philanthropy together creating maximum impact,

Convene the right people at the right place at the right time and watch what happens,

Consensus building among disparate groups for paradigm changes human body.

The Westreich Foundation was the Lead Sponsor of the 2018 NOAH Leadership Summit, and is supporting our efforts to professionalize the field through the writing of a Core Curriculum for arts in health professionals.




What is a healthy community? We at Kaiser Permanente believe that it’s more than the absence of illness. It’s an environment that supports the physical, emotional and spiritual well-being of those who live, work, play and pray there. It’s a safe route for kids to walk or bicycle to school, a neighborhood grocery store stocked with fresh produce, parks and playgrounds that welcome families and workplaces that promote wellness and physical activity. We support innovative efforts to increase nutritious foods, physical activity, economic vitality, safety and wellness in local schools, workplaces and neighborhoods.

Most recently, Kaiser Permanente supported NOAH’s 2018 Leadership Summit.

The Hamilton Saykaly Garbulinska Foundation

The Hamilton Saykaly Foundation and the Saykaly Garbulinska Foundation have combined to more effectively implement their mission to support the visual and performing arts in the central Kentucky area.  The Foundation is particularly interested in fostering emerging artists and organizations with innovative ideas.


University of Kentucky Arts in HealthCare

Our mission is to create an environment of care and to focus on the spiritual and emotional well-being of our patients, family, caregivers and staff.  The program recognizes the arts and the artists as powerful and positive forces in the healing process.

Our permanent visual art collection currently includes over 1700 original works of art. Our facilities also house six rotating galleries.

With over 100 live performances per year, our performing arts programming brings, music, dance, ballet, theatre and more to the public spaces of our hospitals and clinics. 

Beyond visual and performing arts programming, our program seeks to expand awareness of the field and applications of the arts in health and well-being.  We actively collaborate across disciplines on campus and with individuals and organizations from the city of Lexington, the state of Kentucky and beyond.

As we look to the future, we seek to continue to be a leader in the field of arts in health, expanding awareness of the healing power of the arts and to swell the ranks of those that would join us in this endeavor.  We must have creative solutions and solutions born of creativity as we seek to tackle the challenges presented to us by our health care systems, our economies and the communities that we serve.


Dr. Frazier: Surgeon, Researcher, Historian, Veteran, proponent of medicine as an applied art, physician to the longest living pediatric and adult heart transplant recipients, innovator of the lvad and artificial heart, lover of history, literature and the arts.


Todd Frazier

Penn State Hershey Doctors Kienle Center for Humanistic Medicine and Center Stage Arts in HealtH

Regina Rogers

Barbara Steinhaus, DMA, C-AIM


Bridget & Patrick Wade

University of Florida Arts in Medicine Programs

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