NOAH organizes our work by committees. We accept member participation in some of our committees, see the inquiry form below to find out more.

Advocacy Committee

Naj Wikoff, Melanie Cohn, Joshua Vickery


To advocate and further public policy for and access to the field of arts in health.

Committee description & initiatives:

The advocacy committee strives to increase visibility for NOAH and the field of arts in health, and be an instrument and voice for policy change across the nation. The committee also takes on special projects such as white papers and convenings.

Conference Committee

Katherine Trapanovski

To plan and execute the annual NOAH conference.

Committee description & initiatives:

The conference committee plans and executes the annual NOAH conferences. This includes but is not limited to: organizing pre-conferences, planning the opening reception, publicizing the event, ensuring maximum attendance, securing sponsorship, organizing presentations and conference activities, including performances and the NOAH expo booth, partnering with local arts agencies, and day-of execution.

Finance Committee

Annette Ridenour


To ensure the financial health, transparency, accountability, and sustainability of NOAH.

Committee description & initiatives:

The finance committee oversees financial planning and record keeping; monitors funds; anticipates financial challenges; ensures that the board understands and plans for the organization’s financial health.

Finance Sub-Committees:

Grant Committee, Marketing Committee, Membership Committee

Governance Committee

Chair: Naj Wikoff


To ensure diverse, inclusive representation of the arts in health field on the NOAH board.

Committee description & initiatives:

The governance committee assesses board composition and anticipates its development; determines the knowledge, attributes, skills, abilities, influence, and access to resources the collective board will need in order to accomplish its future work; identifies, with membership input, board member candidates, presenting when apt for nomination; oversees new board member orientation; recommends an annual slate of officers; maintains legal standing based on bylaws and articles of incorporation.

Grant Sub-Committee

Chair: Melanie Cohn


  • Develop a grant action plan, including programs to be funded, and boilerplate narratives, timelines, budgets, and responsible actors for those programs.
  • Establish annual goals for funding.
  • Set expectations for ongoing grant research.
  • Develop relationships with potential foundations.

Committee members will not be writing grants, but will be offering direction and focus to grant activities of NOAH.

Committee members should:

Have grant experience, either researching and writing or taking part in grant selection panels.

Have a desire to take an active working role in developing the grant action plan for NOAH.


Marketing Sub-Committee

Chair: Kim Wiese

Description coming soon…

Membership Sub-Committee

Chair: Barbara Steinhaus

Description coming soon…

Professionalization Committee

Co-Chairs: Maegan Dubois & Ferol Carytsas


To endorse and promote professional standards of practice and certification for artists and administrators working in the field of arts in health.

Committee description & initiatives:

Edit the Code of Ethics and Standards of Arts in Health Professionals authored by Arts in Healthcare Certification Commission, to be endorsed by the National Organization for Arts in Health (completed fall 2018).

Develop outreach events, workshops and panel discussions for the certification of artists working the field of arts in health.

Regional Network Committee

Chair: Alan Siegel


To identify and support regional arts in health networks.

Committee description & initiatives:

The initial phase of the committee is to identify and create a database of regional networks, to explore how NOAH might serve their needs, and to support the formation of new networks.  By focusing on regional networks, the committee hopes to increase awareness of fellow arts in health practitioners, and create stronger connections and collaborations across the country.

Research Committee

Co-Chairs: Jennifer Lo & Barbara Steinhaus

To support and advance research and its use in the field of arts in health.

Committee description & initiatives:

The committee seeks to position NOAH as a leading resource for arts in health research and evaluation. It aims to create tools and toolkits that increase understanding and accessibility of research, and promote innovative, advanced, and collaborative research in the field.

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