The mission of “Sound Health” is to enrich the healthcare environment for patients, families, health care providers and staff through live music while providing music students with an opportunity for service learning and professional performing experience. The goals of Sound Health are to contribute to a healing environment; to give music students service learning opportunities; and to break down the “fourth wall” barriers, connecting musicians to their audiences and vice versa.


The inspiration for Sound Health came from a first-hand experience of the calming effects of live music at the Cleveland Clinic’s Performing Arts Program during my father-in-law’s stay for surgery. While still a graduate at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, I wanted to be on the giving end of similar experiences and founded Sound Health.


Since its inception in 2009, Sound Health has provided over 100 performances by over 100 musicians for thousands of patients, staff, and visitors in Madison, WI and the Omaha metro.
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