Creative and Credible Training: Creative Evaluation
Harnessing creativity to deliver rich, enjoyable and meaningful evaluation

Thursday 7th, 14th, and 21st November 2024
Online, 10am – 12.30pm UK time
Facilitated by Jane Willis

Are you frustrated with traditional evaluation methods?
Do you feel your evaluation tools don’t reflect the creative nature of your work?
Are you finding it hard to engage participants in evaluation?
Do you get poor response rates from questionnaires?

Over the course of three interactive workshops, we will look at ways in which we can better harness creativity to generate appropriate, relevant, meaningful evaluations.

From this course, I will take away:
“confidence that I can translate my other practice into evaluation.”
“using different mediums to elicit effective responses to evaluation”
– April 2024 Creative Evaluation training participants

You will discover how to evaluate in ways that are enjoyable and rewarding for participants; that generate improved response rates; and deliver richer and more meaningful data.

On this course, I enjoyed:
“Discussing our collective challenges”
“hearing other people’s creative ways of thinking about evaluation”
– April 2024 Creative Evaluation training participants

Working collaboratively, we will co-produce creative solutions to real-world scenarios. Sharing ideas and practice, we will explore ways in which creativity can reinvigorate existing evaluation methods including questionnaires, focus groups, feedback and monitoring.

After this course, I’m now thinking:
“Be more colourful and give the human story.”
“How can I use creative approaches at all stages of evaluation[?]”
– April 2024 Creative Evaluation training participants

The full cost is £225 for three workshops and all handouts.
A £75 discount is available for freelancers and self-funding individuals. Please email [email protected] for a coupon code.