At the National Arts Program, we empower organizations across the country to host art exhibitions that showcase the creativity of their employees and families. By providing resources and support, we create the opportunity for venues to build art exhibitions that encourage employees to be creative. NAP exhibitions are open, with no restrictions, to anyone who wants to showcase their art—regardless of age, background, skill level, or job title. We invite employees to bring their whole selves to work and show others their creative side. Whether art is a passion, hobby, or another career, we help artists of all levels and backgrounds transform themselves through creative expression.
Art brings people together, forges new connections, and builds creative communities. We connect artists across an organization to each other through their shared and powerful experiences with art. By fostering a strong and inclusive community that builds confidence, encourages risk-taking, and values self-expression, we grow and strengthen workplaces and communities. We ensure that creativity is recognized and validated, sometimes for the first time, with prizes, scholarships, and awards programs.
For more than 30 years, we have empowered organizations to host employee and family art exhibitions and to transform the workplace environment into an inviting space infused with creativity, passion, and personality that enriches lives and open doors for employees, families, and the public.