Harvard Medical School is announcing a new and unique CME course:

We are delighted to announce a new and unique virtual course, Training Our Eyes, Minds, and Hearts: Visual Thinking Strategies for Health Care Professionals, offered through Harvard Medical School for CME credit.

This course strengthens humanistic and analytic competencies and can transform medical education, patient care, teamwork, equity, and professional growth.

What is new and unique about this CME? It is the first to offer longitudinal, in-depth training and coaching in the arts-based facilitation method, Visual Thinking Strategies (VTS), and is designed specifically to improve health professions education, clinical outcomes, and leader and team dynamics within healthcare.

We welcome all clinicians, healthcare leaders, health professions educators, pharmacists, and students of all stripes, as well as museum educators keen to partner with healthcare organizations.

You will achieve proficiency in VTS facilitation applied to healthcare, including:
Deepening skills in observation, active listening, paraphrasing, suspending judgment, sustaining inquiry, and creating psychological safety;
Applying these skills to communicate, collaborate, teach, and lead more effectively within clinical workflow and be equipped to support your colleagues to do the same;
Designing and leading arts-based sessions at your institutions to meet your local organizational and curricular needs;
Developing a detailed action plan for your ongoing integration of VTS techniques and mindsets.
Cultivating partnerships and friendships with like-minded colleagues throughout the world.
Luminary guest speakers include Dr. Kamna Balhara; Dr. Neal Baer; Cheryl Giscombe, RN, PhD; and Dr. Abraham Verghese.

Course directors are Dr. Joel Katz; Dabney Hailey, MA; and Corinne Zimmermann, MA, MEd.

This highly interactive course will be facilitated on Tuesdays, 11am – 2pm EST, on the following dates:
Sept 19 – Introduction to VTS
Oct 3 – Clinical Practice
Oct 17 – Thinking
Oct 31 – Empathic Communication
Nov 14 – Interprofessional Teams & Psychological Safety
Nov 28 – DEIA & Mitigating Bias
Dec 12 – Initiating Conversations Across Differences
Jan 9 – Well-Being
Jan 23 – Creating Partnerships with Museums
Feb 13 – Bringing It All Together & Project Presentations
Feb 27 – Project Presentations
For further information and to register, click here.

For additional questions, please email Corinne Zimmerman ([email protected])
or Dabney Hailey ([email protected]).

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