Submitted by John Graham-Pole:

I’m an emeritus professor of pediatric oncology and palliative care from University of Florida (UF). I co-founded Shands Arts in Medicine with Mary Rockwood Lane in 1991, and UF’s Center for Arts Medicine with Jill Sonke and Rusti Brandman in 1995. I’m the author of “Illness and the Art of Creative Self-Expression” (New Harbinger Publ., Oakland, CA, 2000) and editor of “On Wings of Spirit” (Enhancement Books, Bloomingdale, IL, 2001), an anthology of poems by physicians.

My memoir, “Journeys with 1000 Heroes: A Child Oncologist’s Journey” has just been published by Wising up Press (http://universaltable.org/bookstore.html).

“John is a pioneer of pediatric compassionate care, and has always been a master of narrative medicine. In this memoir, he puts the latter set of skills on display, as he illuminates the journey that made the former possible. I would highly recommend this book to any caregiver.” And one from a former patient that strikes a different tone: “Finger-paints, Mr. Potato Head, play-doctor kits, mural-covered ceilings, a red clown nose, and mismatched socks…these memories flood back from my being treated for leukemia as an 18-month-old at Shands hospital in the mid-80’s. Despite my dire diagnosis, by God’s grace I remember only my whimsical friend who also happened to be my doctor. I owe him my health 31 years later. His story will inspire countless others in treating the whole patient with art and humor. It should be read by all, because it is one of a life well lived.”

– University of Florida (UF) emeritus Chairman of Pediatrics, Terry Flotte (now Dean of University of Massachusetts School of Medicine)