Core Curriculum
for Arts in Health Professionals

The Core Curriculum for Arts in Health Professionals, published in fall 2021, is a book publication of the National Organization for Arts in Health. This book, written in a dense outline form, serves as a repository of foundational knowledge from dozens of well-established content experts in the field, collected and edited through a multi-year team project. The Core Curriculum was developed to serve as the basis for academic coursework as well as institutional, community, and continuing education training programs.

The purpose of the Core Curriculum for Arts in Health Professionals is to provide artists, arts administrators, and arts consultants a path to professional certification based on their demonstrated command of best practices and their application of the Code of Ethics and Standards for Arts in Health Professionals (this publication is available on the NOAH website). 

The robust Core Curriculum for Arts in Health Professionals was developed by teams of subject matter experts, led by the book’s co-editors, Ari Albright and Ferol Carytsas. Countless hours of collaboration have led to a detailed resource that includes chapters on the following:

  • History and Evolution of the Field
  • Creative and Expressive Arts Therapies
  • Arts in Health Program Administration
  • Arts in Health Environments
  • Healthcare Culture
  • Care Delivery
  • Inclusion, Accessibility, and Specific Populations
  • Research in Arts in Health

The NOAH Board of Directors thanks the dozens of contributors to this new resource for so generously sharing their expertise. The Core Curriculum has laid the foundation for exciting new steps in advancing and professionalizing the field of arts in health.