*Updated in March 2021

Dear NOAH Community,

The NOAH Board of Directors and staff are committed to Antiracism. We stand firmly against any practice that hurts or excludes our fellow human beings. We have initiated and pledge to keep moving forward in the following ways:

  • Educating the NOAH Board of Directors to learn how we perpetuate systemic racism within NOAH. We are committed to learning how to dismantle unconscious bias.
  • Working with our members to foster diversity, equity and inclusion within all aspects of arts in health.
  • Stating metrics in the NOAH Strategic Plan to grow diverse representation on the Board of Directors.
  • Identifying best practices through our NOAH Arts for Resilience for Clinicians in Healthcare addressing burnout, particularly in this COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic negatively affects Black communities and low-income citizens disproportionately.
  • Make Antiracism in arts in health a regular topic for our Creative Response Forum series.
  • Make Antiracism in arts in health a primary topic in all inter-organizational partnerships and collaborations.
  • Today and always, all lives can’t matter until Black lives matter. We at NOAH hold space for individuals and communities of color in our lives.
  • Our hearts are heavy with hate crimes toward Asian American/Asian/Pacific Islander communities. We promote respect and love for all.


NOAH Board of Directors and Staff