NOAH 2020 Pre-conference Workshops

Pre-conferences take place on Monday, September 21.

Arts in Health: A Toolbox for Starting Your Own Program (full day)

NOAH Ambassadors and members Board will guide attendees through the process of starting an arts in health program or arts collection in a medical center, medical school or community setting. Attendees will gain an overview and history of arts in health, be provided with an array of examples of arts in health programming, and learn how to identify opportunities and establish strategic partnerships. They will receive resources for planning, implementing, evaluating and funding programs based on case studies from experienced professionals. Topics to be covered include:

  • Arts in the Environment
  • Expressive and Clinical Art Therapies
  • Artists in Residence
  • Research and Evaluation
  • Strategic planning and building a team
  • Philanthropy and Funding


Research in Arts in Health (half day)

This workshop concerns language and terminology for research in arts in health that will be effective search terms for evidence synthesis.


Clinician Burnout, Resilience, and Well-being: Sustaining Your Superpowers (half day)

Building on the success of our first burnout pre-conference last year and our leadership summit, we will highlight the value of the arts to address clinician well-being, burnout, and building resilience. What would be best practices to use the tools within arts in health to address this epidemic? How do we bring this valuable solution to center stage? Let’s learn and work together to make these tools available to our clinicians.