Artist: Gaelen McCormick

Eastman Performing Arts Medicine, program manager

Tide Rises with Gaelen McCormick

The Mindful Art Pause (MAP) is a three-minute experience that uses the arts to create space for breath, presence, and relaxation. There is a short, verbal guidance at the beginning of the MAP to help set the frame for the experience. Simply notice how you are feeling as you engage with the MAP.

About The Artist
Gaelen McCormick is the Program Manager of Eastman Performing Arts Medicine (EPAM) program at the University of Rochester. Before going deaf in 2017, Gaelen had been a bassist with the RPO for over 20 years. She is grateful that her abilities as a performing artist have shaped her new career path as a composer and arts administrator. The Mindful Art Pause team is composed of McCormick, Susie Daiss, an art historian, chaplain, and faculty in Medical Humanities, and Patricia Luck, a doctor with a background in palliative care, a trained MBSR facilitator, and faculty in the Medical Humanities department.