There are currently 3 job openings in the Office of VSA and Accessibility at the Kennedy Center.

1) Assistant Manager, Special Education
The Assistant Manager, Special Education supports the Kennedy Center’s work as a national clearinghouse in arts and special education practices, and assists the Manager, Special Education in the development, design, implementation, evaluation, and oversight of the extensive professional learning opportunities for arts and special educator conducted through the Office of VSA and Accessibility. The Assistant Manager is responsible for: (1) administration and management of the annual VSA Intersections: Arts sand Special Education Conference, (2) development and preparation of resources and materials for educators, (3) work across- education department projects and programs, including advising and consulting on best practices in special education and inclusive arts education programing, assisting with research and evaluation, assisting with VSA annual national contracts, and 4) operational support for the VSA Special Education Team.  This position is supervised by and reports to the Manager, Special Education.

2) Coordinator, Accessibility
The Coordinator, Accessibility (Daytime) is a crucial member of the Kennedy Center’s Office of Accessibility team which ensures compliance with disability rights law and the cross-institutional delivery of a broad spectrum of access accommodations and programs for patrons and visitors of all ages with disabilities.  The Coordinator is responsible for:  1) Executing all aspects of accessibility accommodations and services for performances, programs, activities and events including facilitating compliance and technical assistance with internal and external users; 2) Customer relations, determining appropriate accommodations, customizing and adapting services, responding to requests, resolving problems/complaints, and communication with all parties involved;  3)  Testing and evaluating new initiatives, technologies and services;  and assisting with other projects such as conferences, events, etc.; and 5)  Managing and supervising volunteers, training staff and volunteers, day-to-day administration, and ensuring that projects are executed to the highest standard of quality and professionalism; as well as other duties as assigned. This position reports to the Manager of Accessibility.

3) VSA Programmer
The Programmer, VSA Programs and Projects in the Kennedy Center Office of VSA and Accessibility, oversees the development, administration, coordination and implementation of performing and visual arts programs, projects, competitions, performances and exhibits for/by/with children, youth, emerging and professional artists with disabilities.  Programs and projects include but are not limited to:  1)  Music competitions, programs and performances,  2) Writing for theater/performance competitions, programs, readings and performances,  3) Visual arts competitions, programs, exhibitions and touring exhibitions, 4)  Performances, festivals and events, 5) Art and media collection exhibition, loan, archive and preservation, 6) Arts-based career and professional skills development programs such as internships. The Programmer will also be engaged in other programs and activities of the Office of VSA and Accessibility including the execution of meetings, annual conferences; and social media, marketing and communication. Responsibilities and the intensity of the workload will vary depending on the cyclical and seasonal nature of the programming. This position may have supervisory duties and all work is accomplished under the direction of the Director, VSA and Accessibility.

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