Military and Veteran Family & Caregiver Community Creative Arts Therapies Pilot Program

Creative Forces®: NEA Healing Arts Network seeks a contracting entity/contractor to propose and implement a creative arts therapies pilot program for military and veteran families and caregivers. This pilot program could be a clinical program, a psychoeducational program, non-clinical arts engagement or a hybrid of these. The program could be designed for delivery in a community or school-based setting, but the primary population served must be military-connected and proposed clinical programming should occur outside of DoD and VA facilities. Program design and implementation should occur directly by or in consultation with a Creative Arts Therapist. During the pilot implementation phase, the contractor will be required to develop a logic model and measurement framework based on the designed pilot. The contractor will also be responsible for providing a culminating report of the project as well as recommendations for future arts-based military family programming.

In light of the current pandemic, the RFP has been updated to include digital platforms as an option for pilot implementation. Proposals that include the implementation of the pilot in alignment with social distancing are encouraged.


  • Cover Letter
  • Proposal, which will clearly outline the following:
    • Description of target population eligible to participate in the pilot program, including number of potential enrollees to pilot
    • Description of the unique challenges and needs for the family and caregiver population in the proposed geographic region
    • Identification of community medical clinic, or non-clinical community space(s) where pilot program implementation will occur with partner letter of support/intent
    • Description of proposed pilot program structure, staffing, and supply needs with associated costs
    • Information regarding reach: access or barriers to creative arts therapies (clinical and psychoeducation) and non-clinical arts engagement pilot program opportunities
  • Budget
  • Resumes for key personnel, including at a minimum the Project Lead, Project Creative Arts Therapist, and Project Logic Model/Program Evaluation Lead


By email: [email protected].
By mail: Attn: Creative Forces Project Administrator, 1000 Vermont Avenue, NW, 6th Floor, Washington DC 20005


By email: Received no later than 5pm EDT, April 17, 2020
By mail: Postmarked no later than April 17, 2020


All questions pertaining to this solicitation may be directed to [email protected]. All responses to applicant questions will be posted to the RFP public site here

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