Submitted by Aesthetics, Inc.

In order to respond to the overwhelming needs of our COVID-19 workers, Aesthetics Audio Systems is proud to announce the introduction of Rejuvenation Go!, a small portable application of the Rejuvenation Station. Tested in a Houston Emergency Department, Aesthetic’s Rejuvenation Stations can reduce the impact of job-related stress in less five minutes.

Designed to provide healthcare workers with an experience of respite and stress relief, the Rejuvenation Station offers a variety of high quality, audio and video journeys that vary between 3 – 7 minutes. Delivered in stereo and high definition video, designed by Emmy award winners Gary Malkin for music and David Fortney for cinematography, these programs have been tested out in the Emergency Department at Houston Methodist Hospital and proved extremely valuable for all. Included in these programs are a series of beautiful nature animation videos by Steve Matson with music by Gary Malkin.

The Rejuvenation Go includes a touch screen monitor, mounted on a rolling cart, a high quality noise cancellation headset along with headset covers for individual use. The monitor is mounted to the cart and the headset is toggled to the cart to prevent loss. This can be set up in a lounge or any area where a caregiver can get away for a few minutes and have a guided meditation, or nature experience. Delivered as a kit of parts, it can be assembled in less than an hour and ready to go wherever stress release is needed.

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