Professionalization Partnerships

Professionalization Partnerships

NOAH Sites of Professionalization Expertise* in Arts in Health Field Development


Baltimore, Maryland (The Johns Hopkins University)

Peabody Institute

International Arts + Minds Lab, Pederson Brain Science Institute

Main areas of expertise: music in health; neuroaesthetics

Designation: January 2022 – present


Gainesville, Florida (University of Florida)

Shands Arts in Medicine

University of Florida Center for Arts in Medicine

Main areas of expertise: educating artists to work in healthcare and in public health; arts in public health field development; research database

Designation: January 2022 – present


Houston, Texas (Texas Medical Center and University of Houston)

University of Houston: Arts Leadership Program and College of the Arts

Houston Methodist Hospital Center for Performing Arts Medicine

Main area of expertise: arts in healthcare leadership and management

Designation: January 2022 – present


* A NOAH-designated “Site of Expertise in Arts in Health Field Development” is a three-year renewable designation made by the board of directors of the National Organization for Arts in Health to recognize an important cluster of work underway in that location. The designation recognizes a robust group of several well-recognized experts, representing a configuration of faculty, administrators, and other professionals across university academic programs and research centers, and within affiliated healthcare facilities. Each site features specific areas of expertise that contribute to advancement of the arts in health field as a whole. The purpose of the designation is to elevate and amplify excellent work already underway at these sites.

Strategic Partners

The NOAH continually seeks to partner with federal agencies, relevant national service organizations, and national professional associations in building capacity for the arts in health field across the nation.