NOAH is the National Organization for Arts in Health We provide transformational leadership to bring the field of arts in health together and to move the field forward. We know through research and experience that the arts are an integral component to health, and we are committed to shaping a reality where that fact is accepted fully, and incorporated into medical treatment, medical education, prevention, and public health and wellbeing.
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What is Arts in Health? Arts in health is a field dedicated to using the power of the arts to enhance health and well-being in diverse institutional and community contexts. Comprised of many subfields and affiliated fields, arts in health supports health as defined by the World Health Organization (WHO), as “a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” - Art, Health, & Well-being in America, NOAH, 2017 The research committee has dedicated its first year to learning from institutions that have made arts in health research a priority. This exploration encouraged us to investigate how research journals, libraries, universities, and hospitals facilitate research information. In addition, we have examined existing databases, how they work, and how they can be most effectively shared with our membership. We are excited to share that research will be a prominent highlight at the 2018 NOAH Conference. One of the leading researchers in our field, Daisy Fancourt, will be delivering the keynote. In addition, we will hear from a comprehensive interagency arts in health initiative in Rhode Island which has brought together representatives from their state health agencies, universities, and arts council to address the impact of the arts on statewide health priorities. We will also hear from Dr. Francois Bethoux, the Medical Director of the Cleveland Clinic Arts and Medicine Institute. Dr. Bethoux will provide an introduction on how to utilize, interpret and conduct research as well as identify where gaps in research exist in our field. The research committee is committed to advocating the importance of research in our field and providing access to tools and resources that serve our field. Our current initiatives include providing journal access to members, building connections with leading organizations dedicated to advancing the field of research, and developing a web presence that is recognized as a comprehensive resource to our members and to the field.
Our vision: Arts in Health is an integral component to health and wellbeing.
Our Mission: To serve and advance the field of Arts in Health