Feel free to use and adapt this copy to convince your boss to approve your NOAHCON 24 attendance – maybe even pay for registration!



Dear __Supervisor’s Name__,

I am requesting your support for my attendance to NOAHCON 24, October 23-25 in Houston, Texas, and virtually on November 12. This conference will enable me to participate in __sessions from our agenda (linked here) that apply to your position or pique your interest__. Attending these sessions and networking with others in arts in health will enable me to bring back new ideas and best practices in the field.


Annual NOAH conferences inform participants on current and emerging topics in the field, highlight best practices and exemplary programs, and connect an ever-expanding community to inspire conversation, collaboration + innovation.

How will this benefit __ your organization__?
At NOAHCON 24, we will learn from and network with our peers who are addressing emerging issues. This year’s focus areas are:

• Equity, access, and belonging
• Fundraising and marketing
• Cultural humility, competency, and understanding
• Community and public health
• Research and evaluation
• Professionalization – Pathways to Profession – Arts in Health Careers
• Caring for caregivers
• Advocacy
• Innovation
• Mental Health and Wellbeing
• Design

Learn more about NOAHCON and what past attendees rave about here. 

I will gain insights into __ job function, relevant topics, etc.__ that I will be able to bring back and put to work at __name of your organization__. NOAHCON 24 will give me strategies and actionable ideas that can address __challenges or opportunities your org is facing__.

The full price conference fee is $680, but can be reduced by $80 by registering with the early bird discount. (You can save an additional 20% by becoming a NOAH member.) I am seeking funding from __your organization__ and I have listed all related expenses to the conference and detailed them below:

Roundtrip Airfare: ($xxxx) or Mileage (for locals traveling by car): ($xxxx)
Local Transportation: ($xxxx)
Hotel: ($xxxx)
Meals: ($xxxx)
Conference Registration: ($xxx)
Total costs associated with attending this conference are: ($xxxx)

When I return from NOAHCON 24, I will prepare a post-conference summary, including detailed recommendations that can further our __XYZ initiatives__.

The knowledge I will gain from attending NOAHCON 24 will not only benefit __your profession__, but __your organization__ as well. I appreciate your consideration.


__Your Name__