Doctor/artist Alliance

Starting a brand new Healing Arts program in a large hospital network can be daunting but having a leading breast cancer surgeon as a lead champion made it an amazing journey! He is a glass artist who incorporates gems and minerals into his own art and his wife, also...

Anyone Can Dance

by Judith Sachs: When I began teaching Dance for Parkinsons 7 years ago, my hope was that the grace and joy of dance would translate to daily life. The couples in my classes would come home and hold hands and have a cup of coffee. That was not the case. Over time, as...

Veterans with PTSD

Sound Minds USA is a Division of Maryland Conservatory of Music. Our program, Music for the Inner Self, helps veterans with PTSD to re-attach with the traumas that have caused their emotional difficulty. The music is not happy slappy, but instead much in the minor...

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