Are you thinking about what new courses you’d like to take this fall? The Arts-Based Well-Being Tool Kit is being launched October 31st 2022.

Are you and your clients looking for inspirational and creative wellness programs to deal with the current stressors of our time?

Regardless, whether you have a background in art or not, you can learn how to build your dream practice by demonstrating the value of arts-based occupations to revitalize your programming.

You will learn new skills and discover how you can apply them in hospitals, schools or community environments. The course will also help you figure out how to work through the barriers that might challenge you along the way. A generous mix of online modules, instructional videos, live webinars, hands on creative activities, creative prompts, proven step-by step strategies, and individual coa will guide you in this dynamic journey. The course also includes a packed resource library with templates for arts-based assessments and documentations. These specific tools will help you develop a thriving program. In addition, there is a resource tool for grant writing and building partnerships so you can sustain and grow these programs.

Here’s what an Arts-Based Well-Being Toolbox alumni shared about the course:

“The art-based well-being tool kit is impressive by the richness and the quality of the information and is the result of an exhaustive work made by Isabel. This training was on-point for me, exactly what I needed and is really empowering. I am now ready for a renewed journey using artistic activities to support well-being of communities and tracing this new path I envisioned as an entrepreneur. Thank you Isabel for you generosity, your time and for creating this unique community!” ~CL Quebec

“I really do feel that we are starting a revolution. A revolution in healthcare and in society. A revolution that starts not only with how we treat others, but ourselves.” ~S.W. O.T.Montreal

This toolbox is timely for those who envision bringing the arts both to their healthcare practice and everyday lives.

Check out the course description and details here: https://artsbasedwellbeing.podia.com

Please message me and let me know if you have any further questions about the course at [email protected]