Written by Carolyn Kimmel

Art Consulting by Aesthetics, Inc.

Excellent health care is more than a stellar team of medical experts – it’s a feeling of welcome and connectivity to the place where it’s received.

With that in mind, the Hampden Art Committee – an intentionally diverse, 14-member community group – researched what types of art would be most pleasing to patients and hand-picked some 400 pieces of art for the new Penn State Health Hampden Medical Center.

“When people walk through the door, we want them to feel that, ‘This is a place for me. I am welcome here This art was made for people like me,’” said Claire de Boer, founding director of Center Stage Arts in Health, which provides arts programming to nourish well-being throughout the Penn State Health Milton S. Hershey Medical Center and Penn State College of Medicine community, and coordinator of the committee.

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