Description: In this highly experiential Fellowship, which is informed by best practices in adult learning, participants learn by doing, followed by reflection. They will be introduced to and practice core pedagogical methods used in art museum-based education, including Visual Thinking Strategies (VTS), the Personal Responses Tour, Thinking Routines, as well as explorations of other art forms, metaphor, and mindful practice.

The Fellowship introduces innovative ways to use the art museum to advance health professions educational goals, skills and attitudes including:

● Enhancing observation and interpretation skills
● Recognizing assumptions and mitigating biases
● Learning reflective practice and metacognitive awareness
● Developing professionalism and professional identity
● Encouraging multidisciplinary teamwork and collaboration
● Navigating ambiguity and uncertainty
● Promoting empathy, compassion, and perspective-taking
● Expanding communication skills
● Developing personal skills for resilience
● Exploring contemporary issues in health professions education such as burnout and well-being; diversity, equity, and inclusion; and health advocacy

A cornerstone of the Fellowship is the development of a museum-based health professions educational project or curriculum. Project development is supported by structured monthly project meetings and coaching from course directors and graduates of previous cohorts. The Fellowship prepares participants to be advocates and leaders in art-museum based health professions education, as well as in the broader field of arts, humanities and health professions education. Past participants describe their experience as “transformative.” Fellows become part of a community that is deeply sustaining both professionally and personally.

Applications are due March 1st. Happy to answer questions; you can email me at [email protected]

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