Forty-nine staff members at our hospital attended an arts workshop to create a “Traveling Postcard.” These small works of original art with a written message of love and support are placed inside uniquely-designed bags and given to patients in the Emergency Department who have survived sexual assault.

I obtained a $3000 grant from the Imagine Perfect Care program which allowed me to bring Caroline Lovell, founder of Women’s Wisdom Initiative, to lead three 90-minute workshops for our hospital. The process is guided so that participants experience connection with each other, delight in creating, and empowerment as they share their hearts and voices. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive as staff expressed feeling “lightened,” “connected,” and “grateful,” among other things.

Going forward, I will facilitate workshops for our hospital community and continue to cultivate the relationships that have begun. This initiative allowed me to care for the caregivers while also caring for patients. When I give a bag and art card to a survivor, imparting the meaning behind these objects, I experience the humanizing effect of compassion and art.