Submitted by Nebraska Medical Orchestra

Dear Friend,

We are writing to gauge your interest in joining the National Association of Medical Orchestras (NAMO), a new organization bringing together medical orchestras, their leaders, and their members. There are 25+ medical orchestras across all regions of the United States, each operating in relative solitude. As more orchestras have appeared in the last several years, so has the amount of knowledge and experience available for medical orchestras to draw upon. In these unprecedented times, we see an opportunity to bring together medical orchestras’ efforts for the benefit of all.

As educators, leaders, musicians, and founding members of several medical orchestras ourselves, we are reminded with each rehearsal the power of community in music and in medicine to accomplish a common goal. With the founding of NAMO, we hope to extend this fellowship across regional, state, city, and institutional borders, creating a space where those who participate in medical orchestras can join together to tackle shared challenges and forge new opportunities in the field. To do that, we need your input.

We welcome your feedback on medical orchestra successes and celebrations as well as challenges navigated by you and your members. In addition, we would like to know if you think the creation of NAMO could help you and your organization with growth and visibility in your community. We hope you will consider joining our mission to connect directors, conductors, students, and members of medical orchestras across the country to grow our community so we can do more of what we love: make music together!

Please send your thoughts via the brief linked survey (or scan attached QR code) and be sure to share the link with your members, too.


Matthew J. Brooks, D.M.A.
Director of Orchestral Activities in Music & Medicine
Music Director
Nebraska Medical Orchestra
University of Nebraska Medical Center
Assistant Professor
School of Music
University of Nebraska at Omaha

Mary Perkinson, D.M.A. [unomaha.edu]
Coordinator of String Area
Associate Professor of Violin & String Education
University of Nebraska at Omaha School of Music

Nicoletta Moss, M.M.
Conductor, Teacher, Arts Administrator
Washington D.C. Greater Area

Gabriella Rizzo
MD/MBA Candidate
University of Nebraska Medical Center COM
University of Nebraska Omaha CBA