Call for Artists 

 Scripps Health is seeking applications from qualified artists, to be considered for commissions of artwork and artwork purchase, for several Scripps Health hospitals and medical offices throughout San Diego County.

As a part of the Scripps Health Master Plan Program of building and renovating their hospitals and clinics throughout San Diego County, Scripps Health is inviting artists to apply for this Call for Artists to be considered for art purchase or commissioning in their various projects. This is the largest expansion in the health care system’s 125-years.

Scripps’ vision is to build a health care system of the future and focus on delivering the right care in the right setting that reflects the changing health care needs of the communities they serve across the San Diego region. The master plan accounts for changing health care trends. Flexible space designs will recognize the rapid evolution of technology so that the latest equipment and devices can be easily incorporated into operating rooms, laboratories, diagnostic centers and state-of-the-art private patient rooms. Floors will be designed following best practices and nurses will be placed closer to patients to have more direct access to equipment and supplies, increasing their efficiency and improving their ability to deliver the highest quality care possible. Facilities will be designed to promote patient healing and comfort and will make efficient use of natural resources.

Scripps Health recognizes the healing value of the arts to improve patient, visitor and staff experiences and will be selecting artists who can positively impact the environment based on the latest best practice information and evidence in the field of Arts in Health.

With opportunities for artwork in a wide variety of mediums including original art, oil, watercolor, and acrylic paintings, mixed media art, glass, mosaics, wall sculpture, fabric art, collages, and photography, existing and commissioned artwork will be considered. Art will be placed in corridors, meditation spaces, waiting and consultation rooms, patient rooms, and a variety of other public areas. This Call for Artists includes artworks ranging from $150 to $50,000.

Please visit the Call for Artist project website for the online application: https://aesthetics.submittable.com/submit/206697/scripps-health-master-plan-call-for-artists for all information, including the most up-to-date version of the Call for Artists, the application form and instructions.  Applications will be accepted through the project website starting on October 20, 2021. At this time there is not a deadline date.

Please submit any questions concerning this Call for Artists to: [email protected].