UPMC is building the UPMC Vision and Rehabilitation Tower at UPMC Mercy (VRT)in the Uptown neighborhood of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Designed by the architecture firm HOK, the building will open to the public in 2023.

The VRT is a specialty outpatient facility conducting cutting-edge research and providing expert care for vision and physical rehabilitation patients. The ten-story building is designed for the many patients in the Pittsburgh region and beyond who need physical rehabilitation and those who have diseases of the eye or vision impairment. The space is carefully planned to welcome all patients and visitors with the thoughtful placement of physical cues that will help navigate from the point of entry throughout the entirety of the hospital.

Key project stakeholders, providers, and staff worked with a consultant to develop the VRT Art Plan. Commissioned works of art are one of the building features focused on enhancing the experience of patients and caregivers. We are seeking artists who will create works of art attuned to the needs of our diverse patients and caregivers, reinforce a welcoming atmosphere, and inspire curiosity and enrichment.

Opportunities and Artwork Budgets

Exterior Plaza: $215,000
West Lobby: $165,000
East Atrium: $170,000
Level 2 Reception Feature Wall: $65,000
Level 3 Reception Feature Wall: $65,000
Level 4 Reception Feature Wall: $100,000
Purchases or Commissions for Treatment Areas, Clinical Areas, Corridors, and Sub-waiting Areas: $500 – $10,000
Entry Pavement:$10,000
Selection Process

The artist selection process for the VRT commission opportunities includes two phases.

Phase 1: a prequalified pool of artists will be developed through this RFQ.
Phase 2: will include the consideration of artists in the prequalified artist pool for specific opportunities.
This opportunity is open to professional visual artists based in the United States of America. Artists who have disabilities, including visual disabilities and visual impairments, are encouraged to apply. Artists who have experience working with or creating art for settings serving people who have disabilities, including visual disabilities and visual impairments, are encouraged to apply.