Call for Artists, Musicians, Poets/Writers, Dancers, and Storytellers:

Smith Center for Healing and the Arts and the Inova Life with Cancer program are recruiting new team members for our Artists in Residence (AIR) Program, part of the Arts and Integrative Healing Program at Inova Schar Cancer.

The AIR Team: Smith Center recruits, trains, and supervises visual artists, storytellers, poets and writers, musicians, and dance/movement specialists to inspire and make it possible for all who visit or work at Inova Schar Cancer to participate in arts-based activities. The team includes local (northern Virginia and Washington metro area) working artists (i.e. currently creating and presenting work for audiences) who can commit to providing AIR services on a regularly scheduled basis at the Institute. All artists are compensated via a contract for service at a starting rate of $42/hour. Smith Center provides and/or reimburses for arts supplies or other resources as needed. Art materials and services are provided free for patients and caregivers at the Institute.

Who Should Apply: The following are eligibility requirements for artists interested in applying for the Smith Center AIR program.

• Active Artists: must be actively creating and presenting work for exhibitions,
performances, or other outlets that demonstrates a high level of knowledge, skills and experience in the visual, performing or literary arts necessary to inspire and guide the creative work of others (note: semi-retired or retired professional artists are eligible to apply if they have continued to be actively engaged in creative work).

• Availability for Weekly Scheduled Service: must be available and able to commit to a weekly schedule (i.e. one day or more per week – Monday-Friday) for a minimum four hour period beginning April 2024 and provide own transportation to program sites.

• Availability for Training and Supervision: must be available and commit to participate in orientation, training and paid supervisory sessions prior to and during the contracted period of AIR service. Currently the team meets from 10-11 a.m. on the second and fourth Friday of the month.

• Personal and Professional Qualities: Not every artist is suited to working with individuals with life-threatening illness or working in a health-care setting. The above sometimes becomes evident during the orientation and/or training process. Prospective applicants should consider the extent to which they meet the following qualities of an effective Artist in Residence.
o Passion for sharing and engaging others in art making or creative
o Openness, flexibility, resourcefulness, and well-developed sense of
o Capacity to listen and be supportive that includes sensitivity to and
respect for diverse cultures, physical and mental conditions
o Well-defined personal and professional boundaries including ability to
stay in the process and within defined healthcare protocols

How to Apply: Prospective applicants who feel they meet the above eligibility requirements should submit the following application information.
1. Artist Name, Address and Contact Information: Including phone and email address
2. Artist Resume or Overview: Include training, key career highlights, and recent/current exhibitions, performances or creative activity – also list web site
URL’s if applicable
3. Statement of Interest: Tell us why you are interested in becoming a member of the Artist in Residence team for the Inova Schar Cancer Institute. Indicate your
capacity to meet the eligibility requirements listed above, relevant experience and how you perceive yourself with regard to the above personal and professional qualities.

Submit the above by email to Program Manager Brandi Rose at [email protected] by March 20, 2024.