The Hamilton International Arts in Health Awards 2019

The National Organization for Arts in Health is proud to announce our inaugural International Arts in Health Awards Program, titled “The Hamilton”so named after the sponsoring Hamilton Saykaly Garbulinska Foundation at Blue Grass Community Foundation. The HSG Foundation at Blue Grass Community Foundation supports charitable causes with an emphasis on performing and visual arts, including arts in healthcare as well as educational and community needs.

The awards are open to:

  • artists working in all media, or

  • arts in health programs in community or clinical settings,

who demonstrate an arts project or initiative in a health setting that has measurably improved the health or wellbeing of the intended population.

Any individual or group may nominate themselves or another party. These awards are open to individuals and institutions in both the US and internationally. Proposals will be evaluated by a panel of national and international judges, representing the NOAH Board of Directors and their Ambassadors, among others.

Categories for Recognition:

Arts Advancing Social Justice, demonstrating the positive impact of the art project on an underserved population, encouraging equity, diversity, and inclusion through arts in health.

Arts Building Resilience, demonstrating the efficacy of the arts in combating healthcare provider and family caregiver burnout and cultivating resiliency.

Arts Transforming Environments, demonstrating the positive impact of an artwork or project in a healthcare environment.

Arts for Innovation, showcasing a project that has positively impacted target populations through use of media, technology, or creative programming.

The Awards:

Winners will receive a $1,000 cash award. Winners will have the opportunity to present their program or project at the conference awards ceremony.  In addition, a profile on the artist and their work will be published on the NOAH website. Finalists will be required to attend and participate in the award ceremony.

To Enter:


  • Artists must have client or employer approval in order to enter, if applicable.

  • Artists must state that the work entered is theirs and free from any other copyright or ownership. Any issues regarding copyright will be the responsibility of the applicant.

  • A collaborative project involving multiple institutions or individuals is welcome under a single entry fee.

  • Only projects or programs that were installed or implemented in the past three years are eligible.

  • A complete application form including an entry fee of $75 U.S. per entry must be submitted for consideration.

  • Applicants must be members of NOAH to apply.


  • Current NOAH board members may not apply nor be nominated for individual awards.

  • In future years, previous winners may not apply the year after receiving an award.

  • Any work that is created solely for the purpose of entering this competition is not eligible.

Creative Credits:

  • All creative credits must be input prior to submitting entries. If a credit field does not apply, it must be left blank (do not populate with dashes, N/A, etc).

  • Credits should be checked carefully prior to finalizing as these credits will appear on our website, in press releases and all publicity material.

  • Once an entry is submitted, changes to the credits will incur a USD $100 fee per entry.

  • If no credits are input, and an entrant wishes to add creative credits after awards are announced, there will be a USD $200 fee.


When Entering a Case Study (Video of installation or program)

  • The video submitted for judging must clearly show the work in-situ.

  • The presentation should clearly demonstrate the concept and show the key elements through which the core idea has been expressed.

  • Must not exceed 3 minutes.

  • Narration must be in English or have English subtitles.

  • It is mandatory that any music used in the video be royalty-free.

Deadline for Entries:

June 17, 2019

Finalists Notified: 

July 22, 2019

To Enter:

Step 1:  Choose the award category you are entering.

Step 2:  Complete the online entry form and the 1000-word submission statement relevant to the category you are entering.

Step 3.  Update a maximum of 10 images of the project both as a 10 slide PPT/PDF format and in high resolution jpeg format, and if available, a video link of the project from either YouTube or Vimeo.

Step 4. Complete payment to register your submission.

Important notes:  The submission statement and associated materials MUST explicitly address the criteria outlined on the submission statement forms. 

For any questions or further information please contact

Jackie Hamilton NOAH

NOAH Board Member, Awards Sponsor, and Arts in Health Champion Jackie Hamilton 


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