2020 Conference

September 22-24

Long Beach, CA



NOAH is pleased to invite presenters to submit a proposal for its fourth annual national conferenceMaking Arts Integral to Health and Wellbeing. Created for artists, arts administrators, healthcare professionals, designers, educators, students and anyone with an interest in arts in health, the NOAH conference is designed to provide opportunities for participants to exchange ideas, gain applicable knowledge, build connections and energize developments for the future of the field. NOAH’s mission is to “unite, advance, and serve the field of arts in health” in America while envisioning a future where “arts in health is an integral part of health and wellbeing”. NOAH endeavors to 1) demonstrate the valuable role of the arts in health and well-being, 2) integrate the arts in the planning, design, and operation of healthcare facilities, and 3) advocate for arts programming within healthcare populations.

This call is for presentations, posters, and interactive arts activities that showcase and advance the integration of the arts into health and healthcare.  International submissions are welcome.  NOAH recognizes that we have colleagues around the globe and strives to provide an expansive conference experience.  With that in mind we seek submissions that highlight programs, research and practices from other countries in addition to the US.

The 2020 NOAH conference seeks presentations in the following focus areas:


Arts in Health Programming / Case Studies

How does a particular program or practice successfully demonstrate the integration of arts into a health setting?  How were programs/practices developed?  What were the challenges, resolutions, lessons learned?  We seek presentations that discuss the how-to of programming: costs, funding structures, training, partnerships, processes, populations & accessibility.


Arts and Social Equity

Everyone deserves to live the healthiest life possible.  How can the arts build a culture of health and wellbeing across race, class, gender, geography and culture?  We’re looking for presentations that emphasize the role of the arts in creating equitable, inclusive and healthy communities.


The Value of Arts in Health

How do we communicate the value of integrating the arts into health and wellbeing to gain support from hospital administrations, educational institutions, patients, healthcare providers, foundations, and the general public?  We’re looking for presentations that highlight the use of financials, surveys, outcomes, relationship building and advocacy to build sustainable buy-in and support across stakeholder groups. 


PRESENTATION SUBJECT AREAS may include but are not limited to:

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Arts in Health
Arts Programs that Enhance Patient Satisfaction Scores
Arts Programs that Enhance Healthcare Provider Wellbeing
Arts Programs in Medical Education
Arts Programs that Enhance Public Health
Arts with Aging, Military, and Marginalized Populations
Arts Assisting in Life Transitions
Studies Demonstrating Arts Impact on Health Outcomes
Research and Evaluation in Arts in Health
Replicable Funding Models
Building Partnerships and Relationships for Program Development


Presentation offers new, fresh and relevant information (refer to previous conference link here to avoid duplication)

Presenter(s) has experience in the field

Priority will be given to presentations demonstrating collaboration between multiple stakeholders

Session description is well-written, describes presentation clearly and has clear learning objectives

For programming presentations:

  • Project is replicable
  • Project has a credible evaluation component
  • Project design is informed by peer-reviewed, published research
  • Project design is sensitive to needs of target population

Project references at least one code or standard from NOAH’s Code of Ethics and Standards for Arts in Health Professionals

As part of NOAH’s commitment to advance diversity and inclusion in the field of arts in health, we aim to amplify traditionally underrepresented voices. Applicants are encouraged to share if they identify with one or more historically marginalized groups (examples include but are not limited to Immigrant, Indigenous, International, LGBTQIA, Person of Color, Person with Disability, Person of Size, Socioeconomic Disadvantage).

This is not a requirement for submitting a proposal, but NOAH encourages applicants who come from one or more of these historically marginalized populations.



Submissions Open:  January 13, 2020

Submissions Closed: March 16, 2020, 11:59 PM Pacific
Submissions Notified of Acceptance or Rejection: April 15, 2020



To Submit a Presentation Proposal:

Proposals should be no longer than 500 words and list 3 learning objectives for the presentation. A clear connection between the conference theme and focus areas and the proposal must be made.  Presenters should plan for a presentation length of 20 – 30 minutes including five minutes for questions.


To Submit a Poster Proposal:

A poster should contain a project or paper summary that can be clearly demonstrated on a 48”x36” surface.  Poster presenter is responsible for printing final poster to NOAH specified size and delivering to the conference.  Proposals may include a combination of text, photos, illustrations, and rendering.


To Submit an Interactive Arts Activity Proposal:

Activities should take between 30-60 minutes to complete. Visual arts projects, performances (with instructive component and take-away resources), creative writing activities, and other activities involving dance, movement, theatre, storytelling, and other arts and craft modalities are welcome. Abstracts should be no longer than 500 words and describe:

  1. The interactive activity offered.
  2. How the project is connected to the conference theme and suited for healthcare settings.
  3. A list of supplies that will be used. Presenter is responsible for providing all materials required to execute the activity.  NOAH cannot provide supplies or reimburse for these items.



NOAH is unfortunately unable to offer complementary registration or compensation to presenters. Non-NOAH members are welcome to apply to present, but if presentations are selected, they are asked to become members before the NOAH conference.


Due to overwhelming response and limited slots we are not able to select and showcase all proposals.


NOAH reserves the right to work with presenters to adjust and change their session title, description or content to meet the needs of the audience and conference programming